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Rifd Industry Group

Rifd Industry® Company FOCUSES on manufacturing industries but DIVERSIFIES within these industries.  The diversification strategy ensures the integration and the interface among the Rifd Industry® Company’s portfolio where each industry segment supports the other to the maximum extent.

Rifd Industry Group

Rifd Industry® Company’s portfolio was modeled based on deep analysis and strategic planning taken into account the world industries’ trends, the world future economy & GDP, the innovations in all industries, the strategic geographic location of KSA, the industries’ integration that exists in Jubail Industrial City and other industrial cities in KSA, and last but not least the major government support and incentives toward promoting industries in KSA to meet KSA 2030 Vision.

Focus on downstream value chain petrochemicals industries with emphasis on speciality chemicals & polymers.

Focus on downstream value chain polymers industries with emphasis on engineered thermoplastics (ETP).

Focus on metallurgy industries from mineral resources to high-end products and parts.

Focus on value-added niche industries that entail high and advanced technology and know-how

Focus on new technology in pipes that would replace the conventional pipes due to its flexibility (minimum fittings) while maintaining its strength


30 years of experience in the industry

Our prolong experiences in more than 30 in industry have taken us to a level where we can comfortably provide our advices and Intelligence to our valued partner.

Who We Are

Our History

A team of professionals that spent more than 30 years of experience in prime and basic industries.

Our Vision

To lead in downstream industries.

Our Mission

To utilize and best benefit from the upstream/prime industries’ products and mineral resources and further convert them to cost-effective, high-end, and value-added products.

News and Events

Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Plastics Company resumes

Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Plastics Company resumes (as post COVID-19 activities) the construction activities for its Plastics Compounding Factory which located in Jubail Industrial City, KSA. The factory is designed to produce 15,000 tons of compounded engineering polymers. The factory will insha’Allah commissioned by Q1 of 2022.

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