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Our prolong experiences in more than 30 years in industry have taken us to a level where we can comfortably provide our advices and intelligences to our valued partners

Our Work

Information is the basis of decision-making

With current fast-changing economies and high business competitions … the right and the integrity of the sought information are considered the most valuable asset in this era.

Rifd Industry Company via its Rifd ICON Engineering Company will endeavor to obtain the right information and provide the best consultation based on reliable records, networking, close watch on industries race, local and regional markets trends and forecasts, best knowledge in authorities polices/regulations and strategic plans. 

The Right Advice

Rifd Industry Company via its Rifd ICON Engineering Company aims to provide the best and right advice and intelligent information that are based on our +30 years of industrial experience in chemicals/petrochemicals, advanced technologies, metallurgy industries, and mega project management.

Our strong networks and relationship with many professionals and leaders around the globe are our strength. We partner with ICON Engineering Company to provide engineering and project management consultation.

RIFD Project Management

Our vast experience in managing multi-billions US dollars mega projects gave us the privileges to manage any scale of industrial projects

It is very important to know that each phase of the project during its life cycle has certain vital requirements and deliverables that should be professionally executed/completed before moving to the next phase otherwise the project could entails high risk on overrun the completion date and/or exceed the allocated budget. We partner with ICONS Engineering to provide engineering and project management consultation.

Rifd Industry Company via its Rifd–Project Management arm manage the industrial projects owners from it early stage (pre-feasibility) up to Commissioning & Start-up. Based on our 30 years of accumulative industrial and project management experiences … we have the know-how and tools that should ensure smooth and successful project management.

Critical Success Factors in Project Management

Rifd–Project Management sector strongly believes on the following four success factors in any project:

  • Teamwork
  • Proactivity
  • Communication
  • Leadership Support

News and Events

Rifd Industry Company obtains Professional Investment License from MISA

Rifd Industry Company has received Professional Investment License from Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia to open a joint-venture company with an Indian firm (ICON Industrial Engineering Services Private Limited). The JV company is called “Rifd ICON Engineering Company” which established under the law of Saudi Arabia will do many engineering services and consultancy in the

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Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Plastics Company resumes

Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Plastics Company resumes (as post COVID-19 activities) the construction activities for its Plastics Compounding Factory which located in Jubail Industrial City, KSA. The factory is designed to produce 15,000 tons of compounded engineering polymers. The factory will insha’Allah commissioned by Q1 of 2022.

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